Baked Goods

We offer a wide selection of the finest homemade goodies. We take pride in the things that we bake and enjoy the look on peoples faces as they taste our selection of breads, potato rolls, cinnamon buns, whoopie pies, goey bottom Dutch shoo-fly pie (OUR SPECIALTY), cookies, and many, many more items.

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Bulk & Canned Goods

Along with our baked goods we offer a selection of bulk foods and canned goods to add to our selection of items found in the store.





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Amish Country Crafts

We also offer a wide selection of local handmade crafts. Our wide assortment fits many peoples tastes and interest. Amish Dolls, pillow cases, pictures, candles, Amish Straw Hats, hand painted slates, and much, much more.



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